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The Isle of Barra and the adjoining Isle of Vatersay are the most southerly inhabited islands in the Outer Hebrides and the most westerly in the U.K. The islands feature stunning white sand beaches with barely a footprint, rocky inlets with seals and otters, and breathtakingly rugged scenery. The islands have a rich history and are dotted with tiny communities. Being small with quiet singletrack roads a bicycle, especially one of our hire bikes, is a perfect means of getting the most out of your exploration of these rather wonderful islands. 

During the majority of the year we get generally good weather. Its fair to say that during the course of a week on Barra you will usually get a bit of everything! In the main you will want to be out and about having adventures and exploring the rich and varied landscape, and what better way of getting about on some, or all of the days than on a bike. The road that goes round the perimeter of Barra is predominently single track with passing places and is approximately 14 miles around the main island. There are a number of off-shoot roads, the main ones being the Eligolary/Airport road at the north end of the island and the road to Vatersay at the south end of the island. Apart from a few hills - and a couple of challenging ones - all the roads are emminently explorable by bicycle.  

Barra & Vatersay is also the southernmost point of the Hebridean Way, a fabulous 185 mile bicycle journey along the Outer Hebrides that takes in 10 islands on its way to the Butt of Lewis at the northern end. We are well placed to offer advice, support, guidance, and/or inspiration for anyone looking to explore the Outer Hebrides by bike. do give us a call or drop us an email.

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